Chinese slate floor cleaning

Chinese slate Floor Cleaning Bristol.

I was asked to go and look at slate floor that was in a basement/ utility room in Nailsea, near Bristol.

So I visited  the property and met a really nice retired couple. Te gentleman of the house showed me down into the basement and asked me "can you do anything with this" beneath my feet was some of the nicest Chinese slate floor I had ever come across. The slate had so many different  colours in it, thousands if I counted them, the slate floor had never been sealed andwas dirty and needed bringing back to life.

So I got to work and after a few hours had the floor deep cleaned and applied a conditioner to stone to put back some goodness into it, a bit like a human having a massage and spa day, Lol.

The floor needed to dry out totally before any sealers could be applied, so I left it overnight.the following day I applied 4 coats of topical sealer to the floor, the customer did not want a high shine to it and if I added anymore than 4 coats it would have a high sheen to it.

The slate floor looks absolutely amazing, as you  can see from the pictures, go to slate floor cleaning to see the video I done of this floor.

This is why I love Clean 'N' Seal Southwest, doing work like this and making a difference.


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