Slate patio Clean And Seal Bristol

Slate patio Clean And Seal Bristol

Sometimes you get a job that comes along that means more than just cleaning and making the surface look good, and this week we had one of those jobs. When you know that you are making a difference to people’s lives it makes you feel good in so many different ways. 

I had been asked to quote for a job in Bristol where the slate patio, which had just been laid, looked like it had been dragged through a cement works and then left to dry. The surface was grey from all the muck left on it. I soon realized what the issue was once I had spoken with the potential client.

The occupants of the house are disabled and the contractors who laid the Bristol slate patio slabs had to turn the patio slabs over after they had laid them as the surface of the Bristol slate patio slabs were riven and that meant that the surface was uneven and not very safe for the occupants of the house.


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