Micro Topping Surfaces By Clean 'N' Seal UK

Micro Topping Surfaces By Clean ‘N’ Seal UK


Clean ‘N’ Seal UK were contracted to lay a micro topping floor in a house in Clevedon, Somerset by a local building company.


The micro topping was to be installed on a fully prepared concrete screed floor in the kitchen extension.


The newly built extension was to help the homeowner who has a medical condition have her kitchen area light and airy.


We arrived after the kitchen units were fitted and skirting boards put in place, we prefer to have a totally empty space to work with but sometimes this is not the case.


The homeowner decided on a beige grey finish micro topping to suit the white walls and kitchen units, beige grey micro topping is a light concrete colour, our micro toppings have a varied colour selection that our clients can choose from.


Our micro topping process can take as little as 3 days, but this has to be in the very best conditions available, for example, the sub base needs to be totally flat with no paint or plaster on the surface that would need removing, that there are no holes or cracks that would need filling, there is no movement in the sub base if it was made from timber, if we are applying micro topping on a timber floor then we cannot guarantee any movement that could cause the micro topping to crack, luckily that was not the case here.


We arrived on site and prepared the base by removing any small particles of plaster and paint that was present, and then we prepped the room by protecting all areas that were directly next to the floor area, ie. skirting boards, door ways and kitchen units.


I invited a video production company called Sasi Films along to film this project.


Sasi Films director came along himself to film our work.


He explained in depth what he wanted to achieve beforehand and I was completely confident that we were going to have a promotional film that we could show our future clients what we can achieve with micro toppings.


On this project we used Ideal work products that we have confidence in, Bud our director is fully trained to use these great products after going to Italy and learning with the best at their headquarters near Venice.


The video below goes though the whole micro topping process step by step, and even shows Bud on his hands and knees giving the floor the Bud Mott Movement that is unique only to him.


You can view the video by clicking here.


We finished the micro topping floor to the delight of the homeowner who was over the moon with the final result.


And we have already had other potential customers view the floor and have asked us to undertake their micro topping projects for them.


If you like what you see and would like to know more about our micro topping surface service then feel free to contact our offices on 01275 818329 or go to our micro cement page on our website, we cover the whole of the UK, and would be more than happy to provide you with any information or provide you with a quote.




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