Marble Floor Cleaning Bristol

If you have Marble stone flooring in your home across Bristol and the Southwest then you will know how special it is and how it can make any room look fantastic and unique.

And if you have had polished marble tiles in your home for some time then you will know what a challenge how to clean marble floors really is, and keep your clean marble floor looking great all year round.

Your marble floor gets dirty from the kids playing, the dog running around, food and drinks get spilt, grit and dirt gets ingrained in the dirty marble floor and after a while the beautiful polished marble floor you had installed in your home looks tired and neglected.

As the number 1 marble floor cleaning Bristol specialists you can rely on Clean 'N' Seal Southwest for only the very best marble floor cleaning Bristol, and marble floor tile polishing Bristol and marble floor maintenance that is needed to keep your marble floor looking good all year round. You can trust us to polish your Bath marble floor to its best and if you would like to know more about our marble floor polishing Swindon services please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and someone will get back to you.

If you are looking for a professional marble floor cleaning and restoration company plus tile and grout cleaning in Bristol or the Southwest then call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745. We can clean and restore any marble surface by grinding the marble, removing scratches and stains, bringing it back up to a polished finish, using our Bristol marble floor restoration process. leaving your marble floor with an exceptional gloss shine finish.

Below is a video we done to show you how we can remove extremely big scratches in this dark marble, and to get a high polished finish too. Please take a look.



Marble Floor Cleaning And Restoration In Bristol

We offer marble floor grinding, marble floor polishing and marble floor cleaning services for both Commercial and Domestic customers across Bristol and the Southwest.

Our marble floor restoration process consists of a multiple step mechanical process using diamond abrasive pads and water.  Generally this is a three step process that starts with grinding the surface of the marble floor with a course grit abrasive pad. After grinding the marble stone the second step is to hone the surface of the marble stone with a finer grit abrasive pad. Honing makes the surface of the marble very smooth but results in very little shine. After honing, the final step is to polish the marble stone surface with fine diamond abrasive and then a polishing powder to achieve the desired finish on the Bristol marble stone floor. 


Marble Floor Maintenance packages for You

All our existing customers already know about our Marble floor maintenance packages and all agree it makes sense to look after your investment.

If you decided to invest in the marble floor maintenance packages you would receive after care on your floors, you would receive scheduled floor cleaning and sealer top up coats, stain and scratch removal, phone contact with Bud when needed.


Marble Floor Grinding And Polishing Services Bristol And Bath

The Bristol marble floor below was honed and was looking dull and lost its marble appeal.

The customer decided that she wanted it to be highly polished instead of honed, after some deliberation we agreed that if that’s what the lady wants that’s what the lady gets.

Grinding Bristol marble is a process that is very time consuming; you don't just turn up with all the gear and have no idea. To make the floor have clarity, reflectivity and a high shine takes experience and skill with the right equipment.

We grinded the floor with our rotary machine, using various grades of diamond pads and water.

The Bristol And bath marble floor needs to have scratches put into it and then it needs those scratches closing up. Starting with a 200-grit diamond pad and finishing with a 3000 grit diamond pad.

To explain this easier, we put 200 scratches into a one inch square and then 400 scratches into a one inch square and so on until the 3000 scratches into the one inch square.

The marble floor needs to be cleaned between each process to get rid of any contaminants that may appear. Once diamond grinding is done the marble floor then needs to be polished with polishing powder.

We then applied solvent-based impregnator to the polished stone floor to protect it from spillages and stains, the floor had 4 coats of impregnator applied. When finished the restored Bristol marble floor looked absolutely stunning with great reflectivity, highly glossed and with an amazing shine to it.

The customer is over the moon with the finish and has taken our maintenance package to keep it looking good for years to come.

See for yourself how good it looks.



For a FREE no obligation quotation on our marble floor restoration plus tile and grout cleaning services please call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745 or complete our online enquiry form.




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